Web Design

At nexsphere we provide all of the products and services necessary in order to deliver you a stunning, intuitive, functional website or web application. The topics listed below cover our general web design and development process, ensuring that we can provide yourself or your company an affordable, reliable, website solution.

1. Requirements

The requirement analysis phase consists of determining initial, and future functionality, workflow, and overall look and feel to the website.

2. Architecture

This phase consists of mapping out various software requirements determined in the previous phase. This includes work flow diagrams, entity relationship schemas, content types, business logic layer, and more.

3. Web Design

The Design phase mainly refers to the Graphical User Interface or GUI. Once the web design is approved and signed off by the client we proceed to the web development phase.

4. Development

We proceed to the actual development of the website, depending on the scope of the project we will consult the client along the way ensuring that development is meeting expectations.

5. Testing

Once the development phase has been signed off one we will prepare a staging environment as well as testing the final web site ensuring that if any bugs are found they can be fixed immediately. For high end applications an automated testing architecture may also be implemented to speed up the testing phase.

6. Deployment

All aspects of the web site are backed up, and we carry out the remaining steps required to get the web site live for the public to access.

7. Maintenance

Many issues can occur to a web site after launch, even small things such as server updates can introduce security issues etc, for more information on maintenance recommendations and packages view our web site maintenance page.