Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is certainly not a simple science, many techniques used throughout the industry and simply trial and error as no firm can guarantee placement results. NEXSPHERE has had extensive experience with high ranking websites and will drastically increase organic search engine traffic for your website.


Essentially a search engine is an indexing tool, mining the web searching site to site and storing a catalog of what it finds. Search engines do this by analyzing many factors of your website such as applying points to words wrapped in specific HTML tags, where these words are place among a page or section of content, page popularity, and much more. Each page should ideally target a single topic, and not attempt to target multiple as this will only dilute its meaning.

Point System

Words get rated based on many factors such as how high in an article section it appears, and what markup it is wrapped in. This again must be logical and cannot be an attempt to fool search engines or the page will only rank lower. HTML tags such as , , should appear semantically correct and reflect the pages main topic and subtopics in logical order. You may notice that we keep mentioning the word logical, this is because search engines attempt to parse data as a human would

Geotargeting (New York, etc)

By targeting a specific location(s) that your company provides products or services will greatly increase the chance of ranking high. For instance "New York SEO" is much easier to increase rankings for than "SEO" alone.

Content Popularity

Nothing trumps the power of popular content, your page can be fully optimized, but if no one visits or views the page for long then your hard work has gone nowhere. Content writers should be aware that search engines often penalize obvious attempts to heighten ranking with methods such as keyword stuffing, content should be genuine and logical.

Page Targeting

As mentioned previously, each page should ideally target one topic, such as this page targeting the key phrase "Search Engine Optimization". If we were to start branching off and talking about web performance then this web page would be diluted and when users type "NEXSPHERE Search Engine Optimization" into a search engine we simply appear lower.