Web Training

At nexsphere, talented industry professionals teach you what you want, when you want. As we currently have no formal courses this means you are not locked down to learning aspects of web design that you have already learned, or those of which you prefer not to learn. For information regarding our nexsphere web design training please contact us and we will supply you with availability and current rates.


HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is essentially a text-based structure that makes up a web page using various 'tags'. We can teach you everything from W3C web standards, web forms, to search engine optimization tips and more.


Want to learn how to create beautiful web designs? no problem we can teach you all the tips and tricks that the latest Adobe Photoshop software has to offer.


Need to learn how to implement web design graphics that you have created? We will teach you how to create tableless websites using only CSS to separate the web page structure from its style. This allows for greater flexibility than inline images and table layouts.


Learn how to create dynamic database driven applications using PHP and the MySQL relational database management system.


Using JavaScript and the jQuery framework we will teach you how create highly interactive web applications such as drag and drop shopping carts, voting systems, and more.

Content Management Systems

Learn to build entire content management systems using the previously mentioned technologies and the desired content management framework.

Web Performance

Already have a website and looking to get it running faster? no problem, we provide both web performance consulting and training.

Digital Photography

We can teach you to create stunning photos and apply post-processing within Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to get the perfect photograph.